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Give meaningful appreciation and awards in a social way, right away to reinforce the values that equal success

About Us

Beyond360 is a global employee engagement product platform company based in London, United Kingdom. We provide a SaaS-Cloud based employee engagement, reward and recognition and collaboration platform solution that drives employee interaction and behaviour.

We are a growing and dynamic company that remains committed to excellence in employee - employer engagement and providing real-world business challenges solutions to help organizations retain top talent, recognize, motivate, collaborate and build magnetic workplace cultures.


'go further' by providing a platform that empowers employees to socially collaborate and consistently engage in company aligned goals & values and receive reward & recognition through offers of their choice.


Engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused, great customer loyalty more profitable, and more likely to stay for the success for the organisation. Our platform offers:

Employee Engagement

Our interactive employee engagement program empowers organisations to build a positive approach held by their employees towards its goals and values.

Employee Recognition

Recognition program drives behaviour, helps in team building, improved culture, a much desired employee engagement and plays a significant part in retaining the employees.

Employee Rewards

Rewards program assign cumulative points based on individuals or department/team performance indicators, offering access to a wide-ranging rewards catalogue.

Business Intelligence

Provides advanced behavioural analytics to the organization with real-time insights on the level of engagement, enabling more accurate data-driven decision making & ROI.

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Sales Enquiry

Go further with Beyond360 creating a positive engagement impact in your organization through our recognition models and improve sales performance through our point reward system.

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Our solution enables organisations to attract, improve loyalty & retention and leverage talent.

Cloud technology

An easy-to-use, cloud-based platform readily accessible for anywhere, anytime with mobile, tablet and computers.

Employer Self Serve On-Boarding

Seamless user experience for fast client On-boarding in a simple few self-service steps.

Scalable and Personalized Catalogues

Products, gift cards and experiences in restaurants, travel, technology and many other categories.

Collaborative and flexible

On-boarding programs keep employees engaged and learning, making a positive relationship with the organization.

Enterprise social network

Social employee recognition is consistently cited as a catalyst for increased engagement and performance.

Reports & Analytics

Personalized reports to the users by providing individualized views of the insights and metrics to make faster more informed decisions.

Some Of Our Clients

Our professional services are based on the long-term and proven experience. We work closely with clients from a wide range of industries.


Our work culture is reflected in our team spirit, transparent communication, mutual respect, flexibility, and dedication.

If you have in you - innovative thinking, personal initiative and continuous learning.
Be a part of challenging professional environment and dynamic company.